Nordstrom's Employee Policies

Every new employee who comes to work to Nordstrom is given the card with the shortest employee handbook ever. It specifies the company's priority which is providing outstanding customer service and spells out the cardinal employee rule that says: "use best judgment in all situations".

Of course, in addition to these "handbooks" Nordstrom hands out to new employees, the company has developed its set of rules and policies that reflect its need to abide by a number of employment laws not to be sued in court. For example, Nordstrom's policy guide specifies other policies that employees are bound by, including the company's social media policy. According to these policies all employees are required to follow Nordstrom's Privacy Policy, Privacy Trainings, the Endorsement Guidelines, the Code of Conduct and other company guidelines.

EthicsWorld Nordstroms Employee Policies

Nordstrom's Department Store, Seattle

For example, the company's social media policies stipulate that Nordstrom employees shouldn't post in social media any private or confidential company information, disclose personal customer or co-worker information as well as add information to Personal Book or other Nordstrom tools. All employees are required to respect customer privacy and never share information concerning their visit. Employees should never post pictures of customers or colleagues without permission and remember about legal responsibility for the content posted. Also Nordstrom employees should respect brands, trademarks and copyrights and announce contests or promotions for Nordstrom customers or employees only after getting OK from the Social Media, Legal and Privacy Teams.

Without a social media policy, or a racial discrimination policy, or a sexual harassment policy, the company becomes vulnerable and open for a lawsuit. By the way, Nordstrom also has a sexual harassment policy that explains what an employee should do in case she feels being sexually harassed.

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