Macy's Business Ethics

One of the country's premier retailers, Macy's is also one of the oldest and the biggest ones. Founded in 1858 as the Federated Department Stores, Inc. in New York City, the store was later renamed to Macy's Inc. after its owner, R.H. Macy. In 2011 one of Florida stores violated the privacy right of the customers who shopped there. The store had purposely installed the doors backwards in the fitting rooms to let people see in. This action that was supposed to help prevent theft violated the Florida law and Macy's store policies. After an employee mentioned this to the store managers he was immediately fired.

Macy's actions were against all of the ethical theories and the privacy of customers as well as against Macy's policy of having no video cameras inside the fitting rooms.  As a result of such actions Macy's can potentially lose many customers as some people may stop shopping there. If that is the case, the retailer will be losing money.

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Macy's Department Store, New York

The company has made a serious mistake. It was not ethical for the company to lie to their customers and secretly install reverse doors. Nor was it ethical to lay off the employees who thought this was not right. Macy's wanted to benefit themselves by decreasing theft, but instead they have spoilt their reputation as a trustworthy retailer.

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