Companies Providing the Best Employee Discounts

According to the statistics only 29% of U.S. employees are emotionally engaged in their work and strive to help the companies grow. Unfortunately most employers have not raised the wages paid to their employees yet and only plan to do it by an average 3% this year. Still, there are businesses that provide some financial incentives to their employees without increasing the overall payment. Below are the companies providing some of the best discounts for their employees.

1. Best Buy

EthicsWorld Companies Providing the Best Employee Discounts Best Buy

Employees who have worked for a company for at least three month can purchase a number of products offered at Best Buy stores at wholesale price, plus a 5% - 10% markup.

2. American Apparel

EthicsWorld Companies Providing the Best Employee Discounts American ApparelAll employees working at American Apparel are eligible for a 50% discount on all store items, without exceptions. Such generous discount can be explained by the fact that the company requires its employees to wear only American Apparel clothes to work. In addition, new employees get extra $200 for purchasing their clothes.

3. J. Crew

EthicsWorld Companies Providing the Best Employee Discounts J. CrewLike American Apparel, J. Crew also provides its employees with discount on clothing and accessories to wear at work. Every month each employee is eligible for 50% off on five items for his or her work wardrobe, except outerwear. In addition, J. Crew provides a storewide 30% employee discount on all full-priced merchandise, plus 60% off the retail price on slow-selling or overstock items.

4. Apple Store

EthicsWorld Companies Providing the Best Employee Discounts Apple StoreApple stores are not very generous with discounts. In fact, a discount can be obtained either during the Black Friday sales or through the Apple Education Pricing program which enables educators, students or their parents to save up to $200 on a new Mac, and up to $20 on a new iPad.

But Apple Store employees are allowed to get 25% off on the iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, or MacBook Pro when they start working. They can also save 25% on each purchase of one product from Airport base station, the iPod, iPad, and Apple Display models, plus their friends and relatives can enjoy a 15% discount on up to three products. In addition, Apple Store employees receive a 50% discount on software and a 10% discount on third-party accessories, plus get an extra $500 off any Mac computer or $250 off an iPad every three years.

5. Bed Bath & Beyond

EthicsWorld Companies Providing the Best Employee Discounts Bed Bath and BeyondBed Bath & Beyond associates enjoy a 20% discount on all purchases and a 30% discount before Christmas. Plus they can choose from a monthly list of products offered at cost.

6. Brooks Brothers

EthicsWorld Companies Providing the Best Employee Discounts Brooks BrothersClothing retailer Brooks Brothers provides a generous 60% employee discount on all merchandise without limitation, including clothing for kids, men, and women.

7. Whole Foods

EthicsWorld Companies Providing the Best Employee Discounts Whole FoodsAll Whole Foods workers and their spouses qualify for a 20% discount on all store purchases. The company also has the Team Member Healthy Discount Incentive Program that encourages its employees to meet certain ranges for blood pressure, total cholesterol, BMI, and stay away from nicotine products, so they could be eligible from 20% to 30% discount. Since some foods offered at Whole Foods are rather inexpensive, employees have the opportunity to save on organic and socially responsible food products more.

8. Zappos

EthicsWorld Companies Providing the Best Employee Discounts ZapposZappos is not only known for offering some of the best customer service, but it has a reputation of the company that cares about its employees as well. In addition to numerous employee benefits offered by the company, employees get 40% off on their purchases at, plus several discounts provided by local businesses. It should also be mentioned that Zappos covers 100% of an employee's health care premiums.

In addition to discounts provided by the employers the workers are also allowed to use the coupons and promo codes 2016 offered by the retailer they are working for so the employees can benefit even more and save more.